About the Blogger-Baker

Hello there! My name is Laura. Welcome to my food blog!

Let me get one thing straight. I am by no means a great baker. In fact, I'm pretty amateur. I don't know when, where, or how I suddenly got this obsession for baking. I don't even really know much about the topic. Ask me what mascarpone is, or how to make fondant, and I won't know the answer. But, ask me about all the different types of cupcakes I have made, and I will give you a long list.

I'm not the best baker. In fact, I often make errors. Over-baked, under-baked, burnt, soupy...you name the adjective, I'm sure I've done it. But I do love to bake. I love taking pictures of the food I make. My poor little Droid is overheating with a lack of memory card space from all the hundreds of pictures of food I have taken on it. I've baked cakes, pies, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, bars...a multitude of various desserts. Some have been failures (don't ask me about the Cream Puffs), and some have been Food Network worthy (OMG, best chocolate cake with ganache filling and buttercream frosting! Oh my!) Either way, this blog is sure to capture all these mishaps or successes. (Except the Cream Puffs...good luck trying to find evidence of that disaster.)

So without further ado (or maybe a teensy bit of ado), I cordially invite you to "follow" my little baking blog and join me on my continuous quest of baking delicious desserts. I hope you will find this blog to your liking. Bon Appetit, Buen Provecho, Enjoy!