July 20, 2011

I've got some news!

You know how I complain about my crappy camera? Right, the Kodak point-and-shoot and my Droid2 camera? Well, I've got some good news! There might just possibly be a slight chance that I will get a fancy shmancy cool new DSLR camera in the near future! Yes, that's right. No more blurry, grainy, weirdly lit photos of..."what is that? Is it supposed to be a cupcake?" So, stay tuned folks! (Or...for now it's just "folk" I guess.)

Here are my top choices right now:
-Nikon D3000
-Nikon D5000
-Nikon D3100

Yep, they're all Nikon. I know. But I've done my research! If anyone out there has some advice, I'd love to hear it! : ) Have a nice day fellow bakers!

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